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D'Quincy Kentrell Kelson

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D'Quincy Kentrell Kelson


Nov 28, 2023
Mar 11, 2024


D'Quincy Kentrell Kelson

Artist Bio:

D’Quincy loves painting fun, stylized, whimsical and colorful animal pieces that pop. Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana his creative senses started to generate in his high school years. Lots of ups and downs fueled the ideas and creations you may see. His favorite medium to work with is acrylic. Working with this medium has been the highlight of all of his pieces.

His skill set was not taught to him in any institution, school or trade. He is still discovering what his brush can unveil. Molding ideas, thoughts, and passion for what he creates each and every day is imperative. The ability to create and share what he loves fuels the world which can change perspectives collectively.

He loves animals so his focal point is an array of different creatures. You may see purple elephants, blue giraffes or green zebras. He keeps an open mind which can lead to endless creation which may broaden imagination in children and adults.. Some of his inspirations are Keith Haring, Roy Lictenstien, and Frida Kahlo. 

“In my painting world, I like to bring joy and leave the expression of enthusiasm with viewers.”

Artist Statement:

Art makes me feel free with no limitations or restrictions. I mainly create pieces for the youth. I want the world to be brighter with each piece that is created. Children are the primary audience that I would like to reach. My work should ignite a sense of joy in them. 

Children say what they see so a blue elephant or a pink zebra in my mind just makes sense. Creating for me feels like an interchangeable love story between artist and canvas. 

Creating is an escape from life's problems in a falling world. My mission forever is to continue to be a light in the art world. 

I will continue to lay my gifts at the forefront so that we all can regain joy, and be an example for even more artists to shape and find themselves in their imagination. I’m hoping to gain an outlook that is uplifting and remains radiant. The world can change and with my contribution in whatever lane I hope to see change. My pieces make me happy so I hope they make everyone who glances happy too!

Please note: The Jones Walker Foyer is a public space.