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Keith Douglas

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Keith Douglas


Mar 1, 2023
Jun 10, 2023


Creative Virtuoso

Artwork by Keith Douglas

Artist reception: March 21st, 6pm-7:30pm

About the Artist: 

Keith Douglas is a well known creative who has resided in Baton Rouge for over 30 years. His art work and cartooning has been featured in books as well as on T-shirts.

Keith was raised in New Orleans for most of his life where he was tutored and directed by both of his parents, Andrew Jackson Douglas and Johnetta Douglas. 

Most of his works depict what he witnessed in his New Orleans neighborhood on Danneel Street. Very often, Second Liners, Mardi Gras Indians, and Musicians lived in this neighborhood. Frequently, he would see a parade on the street. These references, along with church images, are reflected in his work. 

Keith’s father was a Methodist Minister where he remembers the glorious church ladies with their huge colorful hats. This became one of Keith’s major series called “Sisters of the Divine Hat.”

His father suggested teaching, so that Keith could have a financially stable life and continue his artistic pursuit at the same time. After over 40 years of teaching, Keith still follows this direction. 

Xavier University showed Keith what he could do with his artistic skill set. Though Keith had many influences, none were greater than his Art Instructors Numa Rouseve and John Scott. 

Keith truly enjoys teaching which he does to this very day. After being in the New Orleans School System, Keith decided to move to Baton Rouge. He felt Baton Rouge had more manageable class to student teacher ratios. Keith started to teach at McKinley High School where he met students with great artistic potential. Of course after so many years, Keith retired a number of times, but he returned when there was an opening to teach talented art at McKinley. He took the opportunity and has enjoyed teaching the wonderful kids in East Baton Rouge. Keith retired for a 3rd time, but came back when Central High School offered him another Talented Art Position.

Please note: The Jones Walker Foyer is a public space.