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Larry Casso

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Larry Casso


Jun 1, 2024
Oct 27, 2024


"An Artist's Legacy: A Tribute to a Mentor"

June 1st - October 27th, 2024

Artist Reception: June 22nd, 6:00pm-9:00pm

Featuring Larry Casso Artist & Instructor (1939-2020)

- Chryl Casso Corizzo Professional Artist 

- Stacey Uffman Casso Professional Artist

This art exhibit celebrates the enduring influence of a beloved instructor, Larry Casso, and showcases the work of two exceptional students. Larry Ccasso, who has passed away, left a lasting impact on the artistic community, and inspired his students to explore their individual unique creativity. 

Mr. Casso’s daughter Chryl, who was influenced and taught throughout most of her life, carries on his legacy through her unique artistic expression and sharing his proven teaching techniques and instructional program with her own students in the Mandeville and surrounding areas. Chryl has a long list of accolades, awards, and accomplishments, and continues to share her talent through her original artwork.

Stacey, who was a student 43 years ago, continues to paint and demonstrates the enduring influence of Mr. Casso’s teachings. Stacey credits her successful career as a professional artist to the patience, support and teaching technique of Mr. Casso that helped her hone skills.  

Together, their artworks encapsulate the essence of artistic growth, resilience, and the power of mentorship. We are so pleased and honored to share Mr. Casso work with all of you, and to call attention to the impact as an artist and teacher he had on not only these talented artists but to all of his former students. 

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