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From music by groundbreaking and timeless artists to dazzling stage performances, we provide year round entertainment for everyone to enjoy.


Concerts, Singers & Songwriters

Join us at Manship Theatre in Baton Rouge, and listen as singers and songwriters, musicians and artists both new and old entertain and delight audiences by bringing their music to center stage.

Upcoming Concerts

Programs for all ages

We believe the performing arts are an art form that any age can enjoy. That's why we've lined up seasonal programming of film, dance, theatre and music for you and your entire family to love.

Upcoming Programs

Performances that Move

From ballet performances to seasonal dance classics and more, watch the art of dance unfold from your seat when you see each scheduled performance at Manship Theatre in downtown Baton Rouge.

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See your upcoming favorite shows

At Manship Theatre in Baton Rouge, witness the lights, the stage, the performances–each element of the theatre and performing arts coming together to bring you timeless entertainment all season long.

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