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Louisiana Perceptions

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Louisiana Perceptions


Jan 20, 2024
Apr 28, 2024


Louisiana Perceptions

January 20th - April 28th, 2024

Artist Reception: February 22nd, 6:00pm-9:00pm

This Show focuses on the creative visions of our Louisiana artists. This approach showcases interpretation and allows the artists to translate personal experiences and perceptions of what Louisiana means to them—no need to take it literally and base it on swamp or bayou art—however, landscapes, abstracts, figures, and everything in between—a display of creative interpretation with a diverse collection of Louisiana-based artists in various mediums—a wide range of Work to give the Show an eclectic feel that defines the broad spectrum of the title.

The theme highlights the importance of our ecosystem and interpreting the connections between art, culture, heritage, and conservation. There are so many ways people affect and perceive our everyday environments. We forget that these environments existed long before humans. Our heritage is part of who we are as individuals. Colors, sights, shapes, and viewpoints will deliver an organic connection to this story. A diverse group and mediums will portray a visual experience spanning multiple tastes and styles, thus strengthening the definition of individuality and expression.

Our heritage is part of who we are as individuals, and it is essential to recognize the rich tapestry of diverse cultures that have contributed to our state's history and purpose. The exhibition's eclectic group of artists helps to highlight personal perceptions, raise voices, and define individuality, showcasing the collective influence of various cultural backgrounds on our shared identity.

Participating artists:

Mark Biletnikoff, Curator – Mixed Media Painter

Cetin Ates' - Metal Sculpture

Maria Prochaska / Boudreaux – Mixed Media Painter

Billie Bourgeois – Painter

Chuck Braud - Painter

Alaine DiBenedetto - Painter

Betty Efferson – Painter

Leiana Loveday Funck – Photography/Digital Mixed Media

Denise Greenwood – Loveless - Sculptor

Dana Mosby – Painter

Tom Quaid - Painter

Olgirl - Jessica Haslom - Mixed Media

Molly Phillips - Painter and pastel

Brandon Roberts -Painter

Kyle Vernon – Mixed Media

Pat Wattam – Painter