June 9, 2023

Mini Masterpieces Summer Camp

What an incredible week it has been at Manship Theatre's Mini Masterpiece Camp! We are thrilled to wrap up a week filled with artistic wonders and creativity. Our campers, aged 6 to 10, embarked on a visual arts adventure like no other. From tie-dyeing shirts to crafting marvelous paper mache animal sculptures, their artistic talents truly shone through. The campers learned the art of cartooning by Keith Douglas and had a blast collaborating on a unique piece inspired by the esteemed artist Thornton Dial. As a special treat, we took them on inspiring visits to the Gallery at Manship where Jennifer Carwile, another teaching artist currently exhibits and Thornton Dials exhibit at the LSU Museum of Art, further igniting their artistic spirits. To culminate the week, we invited family and friends to a memorable art reception, where the campers proudly showcased their incredible masterpieces. We hope you enjoy the pictures below, capturing the remarkable journey our campers experienced during their time at Manship Theatre's Mini Masterpieces Camp.